Sinarmas LDA Maritime Provides Support for Rotary Club Jakarta Metropolitan in Medical Fair 2023
Sinarmas LDA Maritime Provides Support for Rotary Club Jakarta Metropolitan in Medical Fair 2023

JAKARTA – Sinarmas LDA Maritime (SLM) is an integrated logistics service provider and shipping company that offers bulk cargo transport services and port services throughout Indonesia. Not only focusing on business in shipping logistics, Sinarmas LDA Maritime also provides support for others, especially related to health.

On Saturday (11/02/2023), SLM provided its support to Rotary Jakarta Metropolitan in organising Medical Fair 2023. The event was held at Tanah Tinggi, Senen, Central Jakarta and took place at 08.00 WIB until completion.

This location was chosen because it is where the waste pickers (pemulung) who earn an average of IDR 100,000 every three days from the sale of the plastic bottles they collect. Due to inadequate housing and lack of access to health care, it is not uncommon to find people who die with unknown diseases, although the suspicion is lung disease or tuberculosis (TBC).

Examinations conducted during the Medical Fair 2023 included lung X-ray, general health, blood sugar test, vascular ultrasound, cataract screening and medicine distribution. The examination itself was limited to 250 waste pickers and surrounding residents. On this occasion, there were other parties involved, namely the RSUD, Puskesmas and the local Dukcapil to assist the registration process of waste pickers who do not have access to BPJS.

Sinarmas LDA Maritime CEO Matthieu Lavoine expressed his support for the organisation of Medical Fair 2023. This activity is expected to make people more aware of the importance of health.

“Sinarmas LDA Maritime sympathises to be able to invite waste pickers and the surrounding community to be able to get good health services and access. Thus, we hope that more and more residents will realise the dangers of tuberculosis (TBC), whose transmission is fast and widespread,” Matthieu concluded.

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